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Jennie Wylie

We are often asked, “How did it happen that all these letters were saved for so many years?” The following is a quote from a letter dated December 22, 1898. It was written by Jennie Wylie of Philadelphia following the death of her father and step-mother a few months earlier, to her cousin Louisa Wylie Boisen, who was living in Wylie House.

“While Father and Uncle lived we heard of you all constantly and as we are busy people our writing seemed unnecessary. What lovely brothers they were! I have been trying to sort out and destroy the great accumulation of letters that Father left. You know he was like the rest of the family and never destroyed anything and now there are piles of letters to go over-a task I dearly love if I only had more time. I have found such quantities of your father’s letters and find them so charming that I can’t bear to destroy them. I have kept more of them than of any others. They are so whimsical, so witty and also so sweet and affectionate, that if they are to be destroyed it must be by someone else. I guess I have the family failing too, when letters are concerned. Lou laughs at me because I save Susie’s letters about Theo.”