Cyrus Morris Dodd graduated from Williams College in Williamstown, Massachusetts in 1855 and spent most of his professional life teaching at his alma mater. However, during the year or two that he spent teaching mathematics and Latin at I.U. in the 1860s, he formed a firm friendship with T.A. Wylie. Likewise, Mrs. Dodd and their three daughters, Alice, Agnes and Grace became very attached to the Wylie family. This closeness was reinforced when Louisa Wylie Boisen and her husband Hermann moved to Williamstown in late 1880 so that Prof. Boisen could teach at Williams College.

They only stayed one year, and when they moved away Mrs. Dodd and her daughters took up an affectionate correspondence with Louisa that lasted at least through 1901. These letters to Louisa are part of the Wylie House Museum archive.