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A few months ago, I posted some pictures from the Wylie Family’s descendants. I thought this would be a good time to show you a few more!  After the exceptionally cold winter this year, it’s such a delight that summer is finally here. The warm weather had me thinking about these vintage beach photos that I came across while writing the last photograph post.

These pictures are from Morton Sr. and Marie Bradley’s honeymoon trip in 1900 when they enjoyed some lovely time at the beach in Atlantic City.  These pictures are some of my favorite from our collections and I hope you enjoy them, too.  Happy 114th anniversary to Marie and Morton! (They were married on July 10th for you inquiring minds.)

2005.003.1504 2005.003.1505

“You’re all tired to death of course today. I can imagine just how it all is and looks and how much there is to be done and I only wish that I might be there to help. Morton and I are awfully—if Grandma will pardon the word—sorry to make so much trouble, and we’ll never do it again.”

“Kiss everybody for me and thank everybody for being so very very kind. We thought our wedding was just perfect—in everything it was just what we most wished it to be—thanks to all of you. You were all so kind and now please don’t work too hard clearing up the debris.”

– Letter from Marie to her mother, Louise, as she and Morton traveled to Atlantic City


2005.003.1506 2005.003.1508

“I realize now more than ever before why you were anxious to have Marie with you even a week longer. She is the dearest girl in all the world. She becomes dearer every minute. I do hope I can sometime become worthy of her and that I can be the comfort and happiness to her that she is to me. I told you I would be good to her; every day I take again that vow. She is too dear to me to want to be otherwise to her, dear girl.”

-Letter from Morton to his new mother-in-law Louise, as he and Marie traveled to Atlantic City


2005.003.1512 2005.003.1507

“We sat out in the sun about two hours, purposely trying to get a good burn so that we could show our tan to our admiring Western friends – – – – – -Well, we’ve invested in Ridgway’s Sunburn Lotion, Cuticura and cold cream and still we are the color of beets and so sore—especially Morton—that we’ve hardly been able to move today. We aspire to peel off tomorrow and then we think we’ll improve.”

– Letter from Marie to her mother, written from Atlantic City


2005.003.1513 2005.003.1514 2005.003.1516

“The Board Walk with its hundreds of shops filled with beautiful things is a ver-ending pleasure, and then there are scores of different amusements all the time—and the people—such crowds of them and such dresses and jewels. I had never realized before that some women did have such marvelous dresses. We usually have breakfast between 8:30 and 9, go to the Board Walk between ten and eleven, take a sea bath about noon and have dinner at one. Everybody here naps in the afternoons—it is the laziest place in the world—and then dresses up about supper time and goes up to the Board Walk again at night.”

– Letter from Marie to her mother, Louise, written from Atlantic City




“I’m sure that you’ll be interested in our pictures when we get home. We have had a great deal of success with our Kodak and have a number of good pictures.”

– Letter from Marie to her mother, Louise, written from Atlantic City


2005.003.1518 2005.003.1519

Enjoy your summer!

– Abi Parker, Wylie House Graduate Assistant